The Project

Advancing the Science of Organ Creation


The science of organ creation has advanced rapidly in recent years. Scientists have been able to transplant functional human bladders and trachea, leading to new solutions for severely ill patients. Human Organ Project believes that now is the time to change the conversation on how we approach organ creation. The successes to date have been the product of limited research funding from federal sources as a byproduct of the larger goal of advancing science. To achieve on demand organ creation from a patient’s own cells, we must make it society’s goal, and we must bring all the power of private and federal funding to bear.


Our Mission


Human Organ Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of scientific advances in the ability to create human organs for transplant use through tissue and cellular sciences.  Human Organ Project provides grant funding for researchers and for efforts to translate breakthrough scientific advances to clinical use.  The organization seeks to assist in driving the scientific and clinical state of the art to the point where transplant patients can receive organs made from their own cells, reducing or eliminating transplant waiting lists and the need for ongoing immunosuppressive therapy.


Our Vision


The stated goal of Human Organ Project is to enable the creation of new organs from a patient’s own cells, outside the body, and transplant them to waiting patients.  We will have achieved these goals if we help advance science to achieve an equal number of annual transplants being performed with created organs as with donor organs.  When we achieve this target, society will see the elimination of transplant waiting lists, transformational changes to health care, and a significant reduction in health care costs for patients in dire need of functional organs.



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