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Voluntary Donations: 

Your generosity is welcome and will enable Human Organ Project to more effectively operate and provide critical funding to qualifying science initiatives. To help us control our processing costs we suggest donations of $100 or more. Should you choose to do so please send your donation to:

Human Organ Project, Inc.
409 N. Pacific Coast Hwy - Suite 340
 Redondo Beach, CA 90277

The Human Organ Project, Inc has been designated by the US Internal Revenue Service as a public charity.


Help us change the conversation:

Although most of the current known therapies are helpful for organ disease patients, we strongly believe that the ultimate cure is to achieve on demand  organ creation from the patients own cells. As good as the current donor transplant science has become, the continuing decrease in accidental death rates, the aging of living donors, the mismatch in timing between organ need and availability and the immunosupressive regime faced by donor transplant recipients compel us to drive for a better approach. Understanding that there will likely be many beneficial therapies discovered and implemented for patients as we drive to achieve on demand organ creation, please join us to keep focus on that final goal - a true cure for organ disease that will save many lives.


Follow our Progress:

Subsequent to grant award, regular follow up will be conducted for oversight.  Human Organ Project staff will ensure timely review of use of funds, including active reporting confirming of use of funds for the research purpose from the principal investigator or authorized organizational representative.  For grants longer than 6 months in duration, semiannual written reports will be required for milestone and progress reviews.  For all grant projects, final reports will be required.  Required information for reporting will include tracking publications from the project, patents filed, and a review of publications made from the work performed.  Grantee organizations will be required through the grant proposal solicitation and terms of the grant awards to 1) make efforts to publish results in a peer-reviewed journal and 2) make reasonable efforts to patent potential commercial technologies.  Final reports for the grant work will be made public through the Human Organ Project website.  A searchable database of final reports will be available to the public.  To protect the ability to publish data resulting from grant work in peer-reviewed journals, a reasonable time will be allowed to pass subsequent to grant period termination prior to release of the final report on our website.  This practice will allow first publication through the peer-review process, as most commonly a journal will not consider for publication data which has appeared previously in a public forum.




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